Cristina Jeberean


Dr. Cristina Jeberean graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacology here in Timisoara, Romania. She is a member of SSER, the Romanian Society of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as CMDR, the Romanian Dental Association.

After earning licensure and accreditation in Romania, she spent several years gaining valuable experience working in a prestigious cosmetic dentistry clinic in the United States. Today, she is practicing right here in Timisoara with unparalleled results in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Jeberean maintains her expertise in her field with the aid of continuing education courses, keeping her up to speed with tomorrow’s technology today.

“I will only implement procedures that are tried, tested, and proven, procedures that I would feel comfortable being performed on myself and my loved ones, regardless of the creative, and sometimes tricky marketing strategies used by some companies to influence the use of their products.”     –    Dr. Cristina Jeberean.


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